Lo! 'The Gleaners'

Time to resound the trumpet as Australian blackened sludge veterans Lo! return with another grand infernal vision, captured in capital riffs and gargantuan grooves!

Our Fouling Larder

Salting The Earth

Cannibal Culture

Rat King

After the universal acclaim of the band’s 2017 studio endeavour 'Vestigial' the Australian interstate quartet show no intention of slowing down with 'The Gleaners' — a soul-ripping hell-ride across nine visceral anthems; an affair of raw violence with a touch of sophisticated madness.

Lo! herald the end of the existing order of things, executing crushing judgement upon those tyrants who put the poor to powder.

New Album 'THE GLEANERS' Out April 7 2023

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Lo! 'The Gleaners' 12" Vinyl

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